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Apple Honey Jar
From Classic Touch Décor


Enter to win this elegant glass and hammered stainless steel honey dish. The clear glass honey jar is crowned with a shining stainless apple motif lid.... Read more...

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Red Star Platinum Yeast
A year of yeast - 52 packages
2 winners


It is our pleasure to announce a free "yeast for a year" giveaway, sponsored by Red Star Yeast for KosherEye readers. Send us your delicious sweet or savory challah or... Read more...

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Lenox French Perle White - Service for 8
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August Featured Recipe
Ciabatta Egg Sandwich with Tomato Jam
August Free Giveaway
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The KosherEye Exchange is all about YOU! We want to exchange ideas.

Features are based solely on opinion! KosherEye does NOT accept financial remuneration for product articles from featured vendors, nor share contact information with others!  We want the BUZZ on your newest kosher finds- anywhere-anytime. If you spot a new certified product, contact us and we will post it. If you wish to see a product become certified, let us know!

Kosher Recipe Conversions – Send us a non-kosher recipe that you “covet”, classic or contemporary, famous or family - and we will have one of our expert chefs or fabulous food magicians convert it to kosher! Visit us often and enjoy all of our kosher recipe and ingredient translations. If you have a special recipe that you have converted to kosher, please share it with KosherEye.

We can’t wait to hear from you!


New Cookbook from Ronnie Fein

Congrats to KosherEye friend, cookbook author, food blogger and cooking instructor Ronnie Fein for putting her new cookbook "to bed". For information on how to pre-order a copy of The Modern Kosher Kitchen and receive a personally inscribed bookplate from the author, visit Ronnie's Blog Kitchen... Read more...  

Kosher Queen Wins Foodie Contest
with Pork

Reprinted from an article in "the Jew & the Carrot" by Aliz... Read more...  

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Reynolds Kitchens.


Reynolds® Kitchens offers coupons throughout the year for many of their products. Check back often for changes in coupon offers. Currently they are offering coupons for discounts on these... Read more...  

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KosherEye Exchange
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Time Out New York

Read their picks for NYC's 10 Best Kosher Restaurants. Or, if you just want a quick bite, there are seven choices listed.

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KosherEye Discovery!!

Whole Foods store brand "365 Everyday Value" mild sliced cheddar cheese, natural, vegetarian, no added hormones 12 ounce package $4.99. STAR D certificaton.

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My grandchildren will be visiting for the holidays and I would like to prepare their favorite summer camping dessert.. namely s’mores. But it is much too cold to venture outdoors and build a campfire or start the grill! Can s’mores  be prepared in my oven?
from MS Atlanta

For kosher indoor s’mores we recommend using graham crackers (For example, Nabisco and Keebler are both dairy and kosher) and kosher marshmallows (If these are not available in your area, many brands of marshmallow "fluff" cream are kosher; And, great news, KosherEye has recently spotted kosher marshmallows in Whole Foods Market). For the chocolate bars – Hershey’s milk chocolate bars are fine!

Cut an approximate 6” x 6” square of foil. Place on counter and layer as follows: graham cracker, chocolate, marshmallows, graham cracker. Wrap foil around packet gently but tightly (try not to break cracker!). Bake in pre-heated 350 degree oven for about 7 minutes- just until marshmallow and chocolate melt!

For parve s’mores, use a dairy-free brand of graham crackers (We have found Wal-Mart’s Great Value store brand grahams to be parve) and use a parve dark chocolate such as Alprose, Noblesse or select Scharffen Berger bars.

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The Fourth Annual Man–O-Manischewitz Cook-Off

$25,000 Grand Prize package

Submit your entry for an easy to make simple, creative, original, mouthwatering kosher entree or soup recipe using no more than 8 ingredients.

ALL recipes must include one of the 3 varieties of Manischewitz Ready-to-Serve Broths (Chicken, Reduced-Sodium Chicken or Beef) as one of the 8 ingredients. The contestants with the top five recipes, as determined by a private panel of judges including famed chef Jacques Pépin, will be sent to New York for a 2010 Cook-Off showdown! Entrees must be received at Manischewitz by January 31, 2010.

How proud and excited we would be to have one of our “own” KosherEye friends win!   Let us know if you enter!

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Where can I buy Turkey Chops?

Turkey chops are available at most full service kosher butcher shops.

In the NY area, they were spotted at Pomegranate Supermarket (Brooklyn); in Atlanta area at Kosher Gourmet.

Online: Turkey chops can be ordered from, Griller's, Park East Kosher.

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Parve Coffee

"I am having guests for dinner and would love to serve them a latte after the meal.  Only problem, the entree is chicken.  Any suggestions?"
from Sarah M, Birmingham

Yes, Sarah, we also love lattes and know that you will receive compliments with this parve version.  We use cold  EdenSoy Organic Soymilk (vanilla or plain flavored).  Pour some into a glass measuring cup.  Using a Melitta Milk Frother, froth the soy, warm it in the microwave and, "presto", frothed "milk".   Do remember to use strong coffee and, for extra flavor, add a splash of Amaretto or Kahlua.

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Pizza Substitute

"My husband, who is Italian, asks me to prepare traditional pizza with sausage, peppers and mozzarella cheese. Can you suggest a substitute ingredient for the sausage?"
from  MK, Curacao

Absolutely! KosherEye suggests the following:

Vegetarian Choice

"I'm a vegetarian and am often looking for all my pareve and dairy options. I especially like the KosherEye Exchange tip of using meat substitutes on the pizza! These meat substitutes are great for chili, tacos, spaghetti meat sauces, and so much more! Thank you!"
from Ella S., Atlanta

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