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Ten for 10... ten to taste in 2010 (randomly ordered)

Say Kosher Cheese!

#5  Tnuva Premium Cheese Spread with Olives


Tnuva Cheese

Tnuva is Israel’s acknowledged #1 food company.  It is also the largest  and most diversified purveyor of kosher products in the world and produces 65% of Israel's dairy products.

Several years ago, Tnuva entered the American consumer marketplace.  The imports included a large variety of cheese products. Tnuva's Mediterranean-style cheese and dairy products are produced in cutting-edge dairy production facilities located amidst pastoral Galilean hills and valleys.

In mid-2009, Tnuva USA introduced their Premium Cheese Spread in three flavors — Plain, Garlic/Dill and Olive.  We like olives, we like soft, spreadable cheese and the combination of the two appealed to us. This is a mild cheese and is easily spread on crackers, bagels, or toast.  Yes, we liked it and will consider it as an alternative to cream cheese.  The cheese is a product of Tnuva Elon Tavor Dairy, Afula, Israel and is certified OU and Vaad Mehadrin.

Other Tnuva cheese products to try:  Emek Sliced Cheeses, Feta Cheese, Goat Cheese,  and the popular Quark Creamy Soft Spread Cheese.  We are happy that Tnuva is sharing their wonderful products with us.

For information on Tnuva products, visit Tnuva.

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