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KosherEye Featured Product

KosherEye Featured Product

Savannah Be Honey logo Mobile
KosherEye has recently sampled several new honey varieties from Savannah Bee Company. These are quite unique and perfect for gifting others or treating yourself as we approach the New Year. This honey will certainly make it sweeter!

First a brief word about honey from Savannah Bee:
“Honey is like a fine wine that is created from flowers instead of grapes. The term "varietal honey" refers to the honey gathered from a single type of blossom. Each type of nectar has its own flavor and sugar composition depending on the flower that produces it, therefore the honey reflects the unique taste of the bloom. Savannah Bee Company is the leader in honey purity standards.”

Lavender honey Savannah bee


Lavender Honey is among the most prized varietals of honey. The wild lavender honey is sourced from remote mountains in Southern Spain, and harvested in late spring and early summer. This premium honey has a faint, floral aroma, and a subtle, delicate fruity finish. Its light slightly purple color provides a gentle flavor, and it is lovely in mild tea and as a sugar substitute in baking.

Rosemary honey Savannah Bee




Savannah Bee Rosemary Honey is one of their most intricate and complex honey varieties. With origins in Spain, its fresh, woodsy aroma gives way to a delicately soft sweetness. This rosemary honey is produced in a remote natural setting and is a product of wild growing Rosemary plants.  Pair this premium honey with robust dishes like chicken, and lamb for a noticeably herbal flavor and distinct sweetness.


orange blossom honeycomb savannah beeDrumroll please: Orange Blossom Honeycomb
Orange Blossom honeycomb is a rare treat available only once every four or five years. Orange Blossom honeycomb is only harvested when the Orange Blossom honey crop is abundant, like this year. During low-yield years, all Orange Blossom honey is extracted from the comb and sold in its liquid form. 2016, however, was a great year for Orange Blossom honey and the honeycomb is currently available.

All of the Savannah Bee Honeys are 100% pure and KSA certified.

For more honey education and information:
Visit or
On Twitter: @savannahbeeco

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mintslims MobileThe “Snack Artist” for Goodie Girl cookies is founder Shira Berk. In 2010, k, She was known by friends as a talented, but untrained baker, and spent much time running the café inside her children’s preschool. A fellow parent challenged her to create a good tasting gluten free cookie. And, wow, has she succeeded. In her words, she has created insanely delicious good for you goodies.”junk food without the junk!”;

The former New York City-based punk rock music-marketing exec created a fun and delicious gluten-free cookie line, certified OU-D kosher. Berk, who lost 80 lbs. nearly 10 years ago, (and has maintained an ideal weight every since) says her favorite flavor is the original gluten-free Quinoa Chocolate Chunk. Their slogan –“Goodness never tasted so wrong”. The cookies are low in calories and made with wholesome ingredients. The entire line is gluten-free.
Our favorite flavors of those we have tasted so far…Definitely the oatmeal raisin cookie for breakfast with our coffee of course, and the chocolate dipped mint slims, a yummy dessert – with only 40 calories per cookie. No these are not health foods, but almost.

goodie girl Mobile
Other flavors we will be adding to our future tastings: toffee chaos, midnight brownie, vanilla slims and cocoa slims.

Follow @goodiegirlnyc on Twitter, or visit their website The cookies are available nationwide at supermarkets such as Shoprite, Fairway, Walmart, Fresh Market and on

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bone suckin sauce yaki

We have been fans of Bone Suckin’ Sauce since its inception. The original was a Western North Carolina sauce combining a tomato base with honey, molasses and spices, It became a grilling phenomenon.  The ingredients were and still are  all natural, gluten free, non-gmo, paleo friendly, vegan and certified OU kosher parve.

Now this southern company has ventured out... and become a brand of delicious sauces and rubs.

Bone Suckin’ Sauce premium Yaki BBQ sauce-  was voted #1 Teriyaki by the New York Daily News! The company is proud to explain that it is “richer in flavor than traditional teriyaki because of the addition of Italian Balsamic Vinegar and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.” It is also lower in salt and has a hint of garlic. We used it as a marinade for our grilled chicken, and, slathered it on a London Broil on the grill. Fabulous!

Bone Suckin’ Sauce Cajun Seasoning and Rub is a blend of spices & herbs combined with some "up a notch" heat! We found this a nice-spice addition to our chicken paella and rice; Use On fiah, poultry, ateaks, pasta,  Fries, vegetables, gumbos & more!

Bone Suckin’ Sauce Chophouse style steak sauce. We slathered it on our ribs steaks. YUMM!  It is recommended for steaks, burgers, chicken, & more!

Bone Suckin’ Sauces are available at Whole Foods, Fresh Market, and supermarkets nationwide. Although, sometimes a bit more costly than some mainstream brands, trust us it’s worth the price. For more information visit:
Want to read about the history of the Bone Suckin' Sauce company...

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Hoboken Farms Big Tomato Sauce

HF allsauces 2 1200 1 Mobile

What can we say about a jarred sauce that tastes as good as our homemade version? Only that we were surprised and delighted! Hoboken Farms is kosher certified by the Kof-k and currently available in 3 flavors – Big Red Marinara, Big Boss Vodka and Big Basil Tomato Basil.

HF ingredients MobileOur first hint that the sauce was exceptional was when we checked the ingredients. In our mind, less is better. And, we like to see ingredients that reflect real food, not chemicals or additives. The ingredients listed on the label of Big Marinara (our favorite) are Whole Tomatoes, Olive Oil, Fresh onion, basil, garlic and spices. That’s it!
No preservative; no additives, all natural. Yumm.

From CEO and founder Brad Finkel: My grandmother made a really good sauce,” “but mine is much better.” The secret to Finkel’s successful sauce? Really great tomatoes. “We look for sugar content and acidity balance,” he says, “That makes it taste great.” He uses New Jersey tomatoes when they’re in season and California tomatoes when Jerseys aren’t. Finkel explains that his Big Red Marinara occasionally is unavailable when he’s had to send tomatoes back that don’t meet his standards, saying, “We work so hard to build our reputation, we’re not going to ruin it with half-ass tomatoes.”…

Big Red Marinara is sold at Whole Foods Market, Bed Bath and Beyond, and independent retail shops across the U.S. The sauce was named Best Marinara Sauce in the country by the Wall Street Journal In 2011, The mission of Hoboken Farms is to delight the customer and serve its employees and community. They absolutely did delight this kosher foodie!
For more information, visit

Enjoy this recipe for Cauliflower Parmesan from Brad Finkel, CEO and founder of Hoboken Farms.

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Kayco is the new kosher brand which resulted from the merger of Kedem Foods, Kenover Marketing and B&W Foods. The new combined brand has created new and additional products assortment for it's  customers. The Kayco company portfolio has too many products to list here, but we can just about guarantee that almost every Jewish home in America and likely around the world will have some Kayco products in their Passover pantry!

We are sharing some of our favorites (yes we’ve already tried some of these) along with some Passover recipes:

Alprose Dark choc MobileAlprose deluxe dark choc praline MobileGefen roasted chestnuts Mobile

      • Alprose Chocolates
      • Dorot frozen seasoning cubes
      • Gefen wide noodles
      • Gefen cake and frosting mixes
      • Gefen canned mango slices, cranberry sauce, mandarin oranges, pineapple
      • Gefen cashew butter
      • Gefen chocolate bark
      • Gefen frozen sauteed onions
      • Gefen Instant potato flakes
      • Gefen chocolates
      • Gluten free crackers and matzos
      • Haddar Premium Dutch Cocoa Powder
      • Haddar sweet potato chips
      • Jane’s Krazy Mixed up seasoning
      • Jeff Nathan Gluten Free Panko Crumbs
      • Roasted peeled chestnuts
      • The Chosen Bean gourmet coffee
      • Vacuum packed organic beets

        Gefen instan mashed pot 180WJeff Nathan Glut free panko flakes 180W

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