About KosherEye

We love to eat! We love to eat well, gourmet, healthy, and delicious! And of course, we eat kosher!

Your guide to a kosher lifestyle.


It is our mission to keep your kosher lifestyle vibrant, exciting, and meaningful. Our sole focus is to introduce you to foods, drinks, recipes, and experiences that can all be enjoyed within your kosher diet.

  1. Kosher product discovery. The world of kosher products grows daily. Unique spice blends from south Korea, famous cookies from texas, or fresh corn tortillas from Mexico. Our job is to source and promotes kosher products that will not be found on your grocery store’s shelves.
  2. Treasured Recipes. Haven’t you already tasted a variety of matzo ball soup recipes? There are so many food cultures within the kosher world each with rich and unique flavors. Some may call it a digital cookbook, others a national treasure, we are here to collect and share the recipes of our russian babushkas, our polish grandpas, our israeli Imas, and our southern cousins.

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