A conversation with Chef Moshe Basson of Jerusalem's Eucalyptus Restaurant

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Chef Basson and his fabulous, fun  Maklubah presentation celebration!

Moshe Basson Chef/Owner of Jerusalem's Eucalyptus Restaurant shared some food thoughts with KosherEye:

Why did you decide to become a chef? Did you always enjoy cooking?
I have always enjoyed the kitchen - the tastes and smell and was drawn to cooking and spending time in the kitchen. Since childhood I remember dishes that were cooked by my friends' mothers and would ask about the spices they used. At that time, we were living next to Beit Tsafafa, where I learned about new herbs and wild plants from our Arab neighbors. The
I didn't plan to become a chef. but when my brother opened a restaurant, I found myself experimenting there, and changing the course of my professional life as a result of a newfound joy in cooking.

What is your favorite dish to prepare and serve? What is the most popular dish in Eucalyptus?
Stuffed figs were once a realization of an actual dream, and when cooking them for the first time, it was an amazing event It is still very popular. With time, we added a vegan version, and it elevates the dish, and keeps it relevant.

What trends are you noticing in Israeli cooking?
Israeli cooking is continuously taking itself more seriously, In the past few years, it is going back to the origins of the land. There are new establishments that allows for the time to perfect the product, to strengthen the "food chain" to bring higher quality products.

Is there a chef you admire the most? Who and why?
I really admire Chef Shalom Kadosh. I see him as the "godfather "of Israeli cuisine. He brought the highest standards of French cuisine to Israel.

We see that your son works with you--has he added new specialties to the menu?
Ronny has an amazing hand, and he knows flavors. He is constantly adding and shifting dishes. He invents new interpretations of traditional dishes, making them lighter, and infuses new tastes and textures.

Is there a cookbook in the pipeline?
We are working on a cookbook and would love to share it as we make progress. Also, we're always happy to have recipe testers.

Would you be willing to share a favorite recipe with us?
Chef Basson shares several recipes on his website including the amazing fried cauliflower in tomato cream.
Click HERE http://www.the-eucalyptus.com/home/recipes/

Visit the restaurant's web page:  Click HERE: Eucalyptus 
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