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It's been quite a journey since Lois Held and I founded KosherEye in 2010, and seven years since I went forward as a "single" parent to our mascot "Traifie". And now, it's time to give my baby wings.

As of today, I have passed on the position of managing director and executive editor to Yaakov Galen. I met Yaakov in Israel, 3 years ago and we have been friends ever since. I am confident that Yaakov has the skills, enthusiasm, talent and love of food and people to take the reins of my treasured KosherEye. He will be expanding and enhancing KosherEye, and taking us on new kosher food and kitchen adventures. Additionally, Yaakov has a lovely new kallah, Sharon, who shares his foodie passion. He and Sharon are now living in Queens, NY.

I will be continuing as a regular KosherEye contributing editor, primarily focused on housewares, wine, cookbooks and recipes. My KosherEye involvement has brought me a decade of joy, friendship, knowledge and OY! TOO MANY CALORIES! Sharing my recipes and thoughts with you, and you with me, has been a special and rewarding experience. Along the way I made so many dear friends, including cookbook authors, PR gurus, kosher food media stars, food professionals, and of course, you my wonderful, readers. I intend to maintain these cherished relationships. I will be here writing, sharing and eating right along with you. This is not goodbye; it is simply a change in leadership.
From our socially distanced table to yours, I wish you  a new year filled with the blessings of health, joy, peace and healing.

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