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By: Yaakov Galen / Executive Editor and Managing Director

Let’s face it, not everyone gets a chance to live in Florida or Los Angeles. That means Sukkos nights can get pretty chilly. You may be adventurous enough to sleep in the Sukkah, however, I am not going to push you that far…yet. In the meantime, I challenge you to expand your palette and take a trip around the world of flavors in your Sukkah with a warm bowl of soup. (You might as well travel the world of flavors if you can’t actually travel).

It was a week before Sukkos and I was brainstorming what could keep me afloat during the cold nights in the Sukkah. I thought about teas, coffee, and even warm dishes, but there was a little voice in the back of my head chanting, “soup”! I always pictured soup as the appetizer for a meal, perhaps chicken soup at a Friday night dinner, but as my thoughts of soup translated into a google search and that google search turned into a research project, I stumbled upon some soup recipes that gave me the simcha (happiness) I needed for zman simchaseinu (our time of happiness) on Sukkos.

These recipes are not regular soups, they are deconstructed dishes in soup form. That means I get to eat a warm bowl of soup that will keep me warm in the Sukkah but it will also serve as dinner for me, my wife, and her siblings.

The first soup I decided to make was a creamy taco soup. Imagine corn tortillas, ground beef or shredded chicken, fried vegetables, cheesy creamy sauce (obviously kosher alternatives), and Mexican spices, all in a warm soup. A taco bite in every spoonful.

I present to you, Soups in the Sukka!

You can find the recipe here: Creamy Taco Soup