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KosherCarnivore_Cookbook It's officially spring! The temperatures in the northeast are slowly climbing, the days are decidedly longer and the chill in the air speaks of daffodils not impending snow. For me, one of the perks of spring is spending more time outdoors, strolling through the small neighborhoods that define New York City and finding the perfect place for Sunday brunch or exploring a rural sleepy town and discovering its hidden gem of a diner. Maybe because I am not a spring out of bed kinda girl, breakfast interests me little- but brunch is another thing. Give me a restaurant cooked dish that brings the best of both breakfast and lunch together- backed by a killer Bloody Mary and I am a very happy camper.

What I love about brunch is it gives you an excuse to eat meat for breakfast. I'm not talking about a timid slice of turkey bacon or a link of chicken sausage. I'm talking full on meat for breakfast that requires two napkins and a serrated knife.

Should you not share my sense of venturing out for brunch goodies, here are three of my favorite restaurant quality dishes that will kick your mid morning meal up a notch. Even better- have someone else serve it to you in bed- spiked V-8 optional.

Corned Beef Hash with Poached Egg
Steak and Eggs
Breakfast Burrito

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