Matbucha in the Mealthy Multi-Pot

Mealthy matbucha 

We love matbucha, a popular Israeli tomato dip, and are particularly addicted to our friend Roseanne's recipe. We have taken her scrumptious 2 hour "stir often and watch" matbucha recipe and made it in the magical Mealthy Multi-Pot.


10 chopped Roma tomatoes, unpeeled and cut up into chunks
2 full heads garlic, minced
2 spicy hot peppers- like habanero or jalapeno, minced (or use a can!)
1 cup olive oil

(Garlic and peppers can be chopped by hand or finely in a food processor. Don't touch your eyes! )

Place all ingredients in the MultiPot and set the control to 30 minutes on high pressure.
Use natural pressure release for 10 minutes, cool, refrigerate.* 


Serve matbucha as an appetizer dip with pita, challah or garlic bread,  or onion bread.
We also like matbucha as a topping for steamed or grilled fish. 
*If the matbucha seems to have  too much liquid, pour some off before refrigerating.