Bread of the World

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Bread of the World

Bread is a cornerstone in food cultures around the world, and almost every country has their own specific bread. France has their baguette, India their naan, Mexico the tortilla, Sweden its crisp bread, Israel, their pita and so on. This bread recipe was created by computer algorithms. A computer program scanned the corners of the world to create a recipe that is a cross section of the most popular bread recipes from around the globe. The recipe was then refined by the famous Swedish baker Sébastien Boudet. The outcome: a moist and fascinating flatbread! This recipe can be prepared by the Ankarsrum Original Assistent, but also turns out nicely when prepared by hand.

The USA recipe was translated for the American baker by Ashley McCord, project manager of Ankarsrum Assistant USA:

Visit the site for full step-by-step directions.
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