Charlotte's Challah

                                                 Photo: Charlotte Orrin

Adapted from a recipe by Charlotte Orrin
Red Star PLATINUM Yeast Sampling/Baking Contest entry

I made my homemade challah using the Red Star Platinum yeast. I have never had my dough rise so nicely and then when it was done, it was so fluffy that it was amazing!! I will definitely be switching to this yeast every week. 


3 tbs Red Star Platinum yeast
4 cups warm water
2 tbs sugar
12 cups flour
1 cup sugar
1 cup oil
1/4 cup honey
3 eggs
2 tbs salt


Mix the yeast with the water and 2 tbs.sugar till it bubbles and doubles in size

In a bowl mix together the flour, 1 cup sugar, oil, honey, eggs and salt.

When the yeast is done, add it to the flour mixture and mix it together till the dough doesn't stick to your hands.

Put it in a big bowl, cover in a warm spot and let it rise for 1 1/2 hours. Then punch it down and let it rise for another hour.

Preheat the oven to 170 degrees. Separate the challah into dough balls (if you want 3 challahs you should have 3 chunks of dough). Braid the challah and place into the pan, brush it with egg and bake until it doubles in size. Raise the oven temperature to 300 degrees and continue baking for about an hour or until it's golden brown!! I find that when you do a slow bake, it bakes more evenly.


Yield: 3 challahs

Recipes: Bread, Challah, Parve, Kosher

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