Egg-Free Chocolate Mousse


From KosherEye Friend Shalom Weberman

This recipe was given to me by my wonderful coworker, Linda Kinsman-Saegert. Linda is a graduate of ICE and worked as a chef for a number of years in many highly-regarded restaurants in the New York area.  She has a great deal of experience with vegan cooking, and has provided me with many useful tips for making recipes parve while keeping taste and nutrition standards intact.  This recipe is every bit as rich as traditional mousse recipes, but without the raw eggs - perfect for those who can't consume raw eggs or wish not to.


1 14 oz can coconut milk
7 ounces good quality chocolate, broken into small chunks
1/4 cup confectioners' sugar (or more, as needed)


Bring coconut milk to boil. Pour over chocolate, whisk until fully dissolved.  Mix in stand mixer on high until mixture reaches whipped texture, gradually adding confectioners' sugar to thicken the mixture. If mixture doesn't whip after 5-10 minutes of mixing, refrigerate overnight.  Mixture will keep in fridge for several days, can be frozen if necessary. Recipe can be doubled, just keep proportion of coconut milk to chocolate the same.

Garnish with mint leaves, powdered sugar, or raspberry coulis. Another idea is to put peanut butter chips or butterscotch chips in the bottom of a loaf pan, and then pour the mousse on top and freeze. Cut before serving and the mousse will start to melt on the plates, making for a delicious take on mousse.

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