Heering Triple Dream No Bake Dessert




Inspired by a French pastry called the Millefeuille—and adapted from a friend's recipe, this decadent triple layered dessert is simple to prepare-- combining the flavors of creamy vanilla, dark chocolate and Heering Coffee Liqueur. It is layered and served in a 9 x 13 dish.


3 (8 oz.) containers parve whipping cream, such as RichWhip – defrosted and divided
1 package (3.75 oz.) instant vanilla pudding mix
4-6 ounces Peter F. Heering coffee liqueur- divided
6 ounces vanilla soy milk
1 box chocolate graham crackers – parve
8 oz. of chocolate chips or semi-sweet chocolate (parve)


With an electric mixer, combine two containers of whipping cream, vanilla pudding mix and soy milk. Whip until stiff peaks form, then set aside.
Pour 4-6 ounces of Heering liqueur into 9 x 13 glass or crystal serving dish.
Add first layer of graham crackers and then 1/2 of whipped cream mixture.
Top the whipped cream mixture with a second layer of graham crackers.
Top with remaining whipped cream mixture.
Top with final layer of graham crackers.
Mix chocolate chips with one container un-whipped cream; gently warm in microwave or on stovetop in a pot over simmering water, until the mixture is mostly melted. (Watch carefully.) Remove from heat and gently combine with a spatula to ensure smooth consistency. Pour warm chocolate mixture over top layer of graham crackers.
Refrigerate covered for 4-6 hours - or overnight.
Serve with a glass of Heering Coffee Liqueur or coffee- or both!


This luscious pastry can be made as a dairy dessert.
In place of parve whipping cream, use real dairy whipping cream and substitute whole milk for soy milk. Lady fingers can be substituted for graham crackers.

The top can be garnished with chopped roasted almonds or hazelnuts.

The second layer of graham crackers can also be quickly dipped in additional liqueur. However, this must be done quickly or graham crackers will get too soft.
Serves 10-12.

Recipe:Kosher, Dessert, Parve

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