Two Ingredient Ice Cream Cake

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Your guests will think you worked for hours! This cake is perfect for birthday celebrations or special occasion treats.


2 half-gallon containers ice cream dairy or parve
1 -2 Angel Food Cakes- packaged is fine


Cover the bottom of a 2-piece tube type angel food cake pan with plastic wrap to avoid leakage
Remove ice cream from freezer, and allow melting until creamy and spreadable
While ice cream is melting, tear angel food cake into pieces.
Alternate layers of ice cream and torn pieces of cake. Use a silicone spatula to spread the ice cream and to press and level the layers
Freeze for at least 8 hours or longer.
When ready to plate the cake, Remove from freezer and place a hot cloth around the outside. Pull up and out of the pan from center. Then place a hot cloth in center hole, and turn cake upside down. It will eventually plop into serving plate.


Kosher: parve or dairy, dessert

We particularly like this recipe made with strawberry ice cream such as Breyer's or cherry chocolate chip parve ice cream such as Trader Joe's brand
Of course you can top it all with whip cream. Why not?

The recommended pan for this cake is the 2 piece angel food cake pan from Nordicware
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