Almond Milk

                                                 Photo: Diane Schnier

By Diane Schnier, Real Food Tastes Good

We are delighted that we discovered this recipe from healthy food blogger–extraordinaire Diane Schnier. It is both everyday and Passover friendly.


1  1/2 cups raw almonds, soaked 8 – 12 hours in water, rinsed, drained*
4  1/2 Medjool type dates (more or less depending on sweetness desired)
3/4 teaspoons of vanilla extract
6 cups cold water (or slightly more)


Put everything in Vitamix, turn on, immediately turn dial to 10, flip to high speed & blend for 2 minutes. Done!


Yield: about 3 1/2 cups

*amount of water to soak almonds is 3 times the amount of almonds.

Tips from Diane:
Soaking – Soak your almonds in room temperature water in a covered glass jar or bowl, on the counter. The water will become brown & sludgy looking. It’s good to rinse & refill the jar with fresh water once or twice during the 8 – 12 hour period but not mandatory. If you’re soaking over night (as I sometimes do), obviously don’t worry about that step. Also, if you’re around, give the jar a jiggle every now & then as you pass by to assure even water distribution among the almonds. Once the soak time is up, rinse thoroughly (discarding the soak water) & drain.

If not using a Vitamix, you should soak the dates (after you cut in half & remove pits) for about 30 minutes. Processing dates is hard work for the average blender. After they’ve soaked, you might want to cut them into smaller pieces before blending (alternately, consider substituting honey, maple syrup, or other pliable sweetener). Also, if not using a Vitamix, it’s likely you’ll have to strain the milk.

Use a vanilla bean instead of extract. The Vitamix will blend skin & all. For most other blenders, you’ll need to split the vanilla bean and scrape out the vanilla seeds.

Mason jars work well for storing this almond milk.

Watch Diane make homemaede Almond Milk. In the video, she is making 1/3 of the recipe, so the amounts will differ.

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