Authentic Mexican Hot Chocolate


by Taza Chocolate

Step 1 – Grate a disc of Chocolate Mexicano, and set aside:
To make a traditional taza de chocolate, start by grating one disc (approx. 1.3 oz) of Chocolate Mexicano for every cup (6 to 8 oz) of hot chocolate you'll be making. Use a rasp, microplane, or cheese grater for this. Our Chocolate Mexicano is flavored with spices like guajillo chili and biodynamic cinnamon, but if you're using an unflavored Mexican chocolate, now is the time to add any extra spices you might want. Vanilla, almond, cinnamon, and chili are common additions. Keep in mind that while it's not strictly necessary to grate the chocolate before melting it into your liquid, grated chocolate melts faster and is less prone to burning to the bottom of the pan.

Step 2 – Heat water or milk until just below boiling:
In Mexico, hot chocolate is typically made with water, not milk. For a thinner, more refreshing taza, we recommend using water. If you prefer a thicker, richer version, milk (whole, reduced fat, or skim) is a better choice. Start by heating the milk or water in a high-walled saucepan until to just under boiling temperature.

Step 3 – Remove Liquid from heat and mix in chocolate:
Take the saucepan with either milk or water off the heat and add in your grated chocolate. Mix well and continuously to prevent the chocolate from sticking to the bottom. Any liquid additions (rum, bourbon, tequila, vanilla) should be mixed in now.

Step 4 – Pour chocolate mixture into pitcher; whisk:
Taza de chocolate is typically served frothy, with a thick head of foam on top. This is achieved by vigorously whisking the mixture using a molinillo (wooden Mexican whisk) or a standard whisk. Pour the liquid into an earthenware pitcher or narrow high–walled vessel (or leave it in your saucepan and risk a mess). Whip until airy and frothed up, about two minutes.


Step 5 – Pour mixture into warm mugs. serve. enjoy:
Pour your hot chocolate mixture into pre-warmed mugs. Garnish with a cinnamon stick for stirring, grated chocolate on top, or everyone's favorite: marshmallows and whipped cream. Serve immediately.



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