Champagne Sangria

Adapted from a recipe by Eileen Goltz

One of the culinary downsides to those many yontif meals is all the open bottles of wine that seem to magically appear on the counter after each and every meal. Rather than pour those last drips and drops out I'm going to suggest that you dump the stuff that's left at the bottom of the bottle into ice cube trays, freeze it and use it to flavor soups and stews at a later date OR, and this is my personal favorite suggestion, use the frozen wine cubes to make a fruit punch called sangria.
Sangria is actually a terrific drink that is a perfect beverage to serve when you're inviting lots of family and friends for a meal in your sukkah. Since the holidays are "early" this year it's probably going to be hot. I say, what could be better than sipping on a COLD delicious fruit filled concoction while you're swatting the yellow jackets that always seem to appear just as you're sitting down to eat.


1 cup of strawberries, thinly sliced
1 lemon, thinly sliced
1 lime thinly sliced
1 cup orange juice, cold
1/2 cup simple syrup*
1 bottle of champagne or sparkling wine (not to sweet), cold


Combine the fruit, orange juice, simple syrup and a bottle of cold champagne or sparkling wine in a pitcher. Mix and chill for 1 hour. When you're ready to serve, fill each glass with crushed ice (I like to use champagne flutes). Serves 8 to 10.


*Simple Syrup: combine ½ cup sugar with ½ cup water bring to a boil and then let cool.

Recipe: kosher, parve, beverage