Fresh Homemade Grape Juice

homemade grape 1

Who knew? Fresh grape juice is so simple to make, and so pure. Its consistency is like a nectar, thick and smooth. Drink it “straight” or add a shpritz of seltzer. Since this is made with no preservatives, if you will not be consuming it within a week, make a half or quarter recipe. We are currently researching if quality is maintained after freezing.

4 lbs. seedless grapes – red, black or concord grapes
1/8 cup water 
Use a hi-powered blender like Vitamix or Blend Tec, or a juicer  

Remove stems/vines from grapes (This is the only time-consuming part of this recipe) 
Wash and rinse grapes thoroughly. We use organic dishwasher soap or vegetable wash.
Put grapes in the processor – and whirr or pulse until liquefied.
Pour juice through a fine mesh strainer. You can use a large spoon to help push the liquids through. Pour the juice into a bottle, close cap and refrigerate. If a foam forms at the top— skim it off if desired.  Delicious! 
    juice set up  pushing grapes through sieve