Purim Wine Picks from Yossie Horwitz

 Freileichen Purim

We at KosherEye believe that a lovely glass of wine complements and enhances a meal. In the past 20 years, the kosher consumer has been given a gift. Because of the vision and acumen of David Herzog and his family, the Royal Wine Company has expanded the availability of kosher wine choices beyond anything we could have imagined. Vineyards providing fine kosher wines are flourishing worldwide, and in Israel as well.  Kosher wines have been elevated to a new level, and they are on par with mainstream vintages. Because of the vast array of choices, selecting kosher wine now takes some expertise based on taste, budget and preference. We asked oenephile Yossie Horwitz to share some of his Purim (and everyday) picks. Most of his selections are $25 per bottle or less. The feature has been edited for brevity...but his picks are all here!

From Yossie,
Over the course of the last few months I endeavored to taste as many wines as possible, including the lessor known or cheaper options, that are often overlooked. While much of this wine is overlooked for a reason, there are always a few hidden gems that I aim to find, providing as wide a range of good options as possible. I am recommending a few recently tasted wines in each of the “major” categories – Sparkling, Rosé, White, Red and Dessert – with a focus on easy-to-drink wines that are ready to drink now. All are guaranteed to bring true simcha to your Purim festivities, most will also be gentle on your wallet (under $25 on average, unless they have a $ next to it, in which case  I feel that they are well-worth it). 

Champagne Drappier, Carte d’Or, Brut, n.v. ($)
Golan Heights Winery, Gilgal (Gamla), Brut, n.v.
Golan Heights Winery, Yarden, Brut, Rosé, 2012 ($)

Capcanes, Peraj Petita, Rosat (Rosé), 2018
Dalton, Estate, Rosé, 2018
Galil Mountain Winery, Rosé, 2018
Golan Heights Winery, Hermon, Rosé, 2018
Gush Etzion, Spring River, Rosé, 2018
Netofa, Domaine Netofa, Rosé, 2018
Tabor, Adama, Rosé Barbera, 2018

Château Lacaussade Saint-Martin, Vieilles Vignes, Blaye, 2017
Dalton, Fumé Blanc, 2017
Galil Mountain Winery, White, 2018
Golan Heights Winery, Yarden, Sauvignon Blanc, 2018
Herzog, Lineage, Chardonnay, 2017 [mevushal]
Koenig, Riesling, Alsace, 2017 (2016 is better if you can find it)
Les Marronniers, Chablis, 2017 [mevushal]
Or HaGanuz, Amuka, Blanc, 2018 [mevushal]
Recanati, Upper Galilee, Sauvignon Blanc, 2018
Tabor, Adama, Sauvignon Blanc, 2018
Tzora, Judean Hills, White, 2017

Borgo Bella, Chianti, DOCG, 2017 (f/k/a Borgo Reale) [mevushal]
Capcanes, Peraj Petita, 2017 [non-mevushal]
Château de Parsac, Montagne Saint-Émilion, 2016 [mevushal]
Château La Tonnelle, Haut Médoc, 2016
Château Triget, Bordeaux, 2017
ElviWines, Herenza, Rioja, Reserva, 2014 ($)
Herzog, Special Reserve, Quartet, 2015 [mevushal] ($)
Jean Philippe Marchand, Bourgogne, Hautes Cotes de Nuits, Le Parc De Faye, 2017
Louis Blanc, Beaujolais, Julienas, 2015
Terra di Seta, Chianti Classico, DOCG, 2015
Tura, Mountain Vista, Heartland, 2017
Vitkin, Pinot Noir, 2017

Netofa, Ruby, Port-Style, n.v. ($)
Porto Quevedo, Ruby, n.v.
Ya’acov Oryah, Old Musketeer, 2008 ($)

A KosherEye Note: And then, the most popular kosher wine in America – is actually from Italy. Bartenura Moscato, or as thousands have nicknamed it “@Bartenura Blue” and “Out of the Blue”.  We at KosherEye prefer our dry reds and whites, but so many friends and family love their semi-sweet Blue. The pleasing taste of pear, tangerine, nectar and melon goes well with appetizers, poultry and dessert. However, according to its devoted fans, which is most everyone we know, and many in the hip hop world, Blue is perfect anytime with anything. $12 -$15. (mevushal)