London Broil by Rebbetzin Rifki Freundlich


This delicious meat entree is from our dear friend, Rifki Freundlich, Rebbetzin of Montreal's Congregation Tifereth Beth David Jerusalem. It can be prepared ahead, sliced and served at room temperature, and is perfect for Shabbos lunch.


3-4 lbs. London Broil
Marinade mix:
1/3-cup olive oil,
¼ cup soy sauce* 
3 Tablespoons Montreal Steak seasoning
"I try to use the gluten free soy sauce so when a guest who has forgotten to mention that they are gluten free comes, they can eat this main dish."


With a knife, lightly score the meat on both sides in a diagonal design. Place meat in a sealable plastic bag or in a dish. Pour in marinade, seal or cover and refrigerate for a few hours. Pre-heat oven broiler to 450. Broil meat, (check often), and turn once you see that meat begins to lose its red color. Chill and slice thinly. Serve at room temperature; spoon pan juices on top.


Purchase about ¼ lb. of meat per person
Bring meat and pan juices to room temperature before serving.
This is delicious on the grill as well!
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