Make "Your Own" for Passover


Passover is the time of the Jewish year where freedom of spirit and purpose are in the forefront.  As we approach Passover, and mark the journey and liberation of the Jewish people, we all admit that our kitchens feel less than liberating. Most home cooks view holiday preparation as an all-consuming, arduous task − a strain on both time and budget.  For many consumers, Passover food shopping is the most expensive food purchase event of the year. We can help!  We are sharing some tips and recipes to save money in the kitchen, while making Passover menus even more delicious. In fact, some of these recipes may become year round staples.

Vanilla Sugar – Add 1-2 split vanilla beans to 6 cups of sugar in an airtight container.  Keep container at room temperature; shake often. After using, keep replenishing the sugar.  The longer the beans are buried, the deeper the vanilla flavor.

Vanilla Syrup - 

Hot Chocolate Mix

Easy Express Preserved Lemons
– Use 2 thin-skinned unwaxed lemons. Slice both lemons thinly, about ¼” slices. Place lemons on a glass platter, dish or in a shallow bowl and sprinkle with 2 tablespoons of salt. Turn lemons and sprinkle with two additional tablespoons of salt. Cover with plastic wrap and place a heavy object on top. Let sit for 2 hours at room temperature; gently rinse in colander under cold water, discard seeds (and pulp if desired), drain very well, cut into 1/4--1/2” pieces and use, or refrigerate in a tightly closed jar until needed.

Homemade Strawberry Jam – sugar, lemon, strawberries. Delicious on toast, matzo or over ice cream or yogurt!

Horseradish Sauce 

At Passover, simply omit the mustard


Leftover Seder Wine – Freeze in ice cube trays; pop into plastic bags and use in recipes.

Apple sauce

Matzo Farfel – So easy to make your own if you have a kosher for Passover food processor. Simply add matzos and whirr until consistency desired. The food processor can also make matzo meal, matzo farfel, powdered sugar, horseradish and chopped nuts, etc.



Homemade Passover Noodles
6 eggs, beaten
4 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil or vegetable oil
12 flat teaspoons of potato starch
1/4  teaspoon of each -salt and black pepper

With whisk or electric mixer, beat 6 eggs until well combined. Add 12 flat teaspoons of potato starch; blend thoroughly with whisk or fork. Add salt and pepper.

Pre-heat a small non-stick frying pan; add some oil. Pour about 2 tablespoons of the egg batter into the frying pan. Swirl mixture as you would a crepe or omelet until pan bottom is covered. When “crepe” is done (set and very lightly browned), turn on to waxed paper or parchment.

Continue this process until all egg mixture is used. (Stir batter with whisk if it starts to settle)  Do not be concerned if the crepes are uneven! When finished, roll each crepe tightly and slice through with a sharp knife. Each strip should be about one-fourth inch wide and, when unrolled, resemble a noodle.

Put in soup plate just before adding hot soup or add to simmering soup just minutes before serving. Enjoy! Freezes well in a freezer safe bag, but bring to room temperature before adding to soup.

Do share your money saving Passover tips with KosherEye and we will add it to the list. Just print the list and keep it with your Passover recipes.


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