Simple Strawberry Jam – Passover Friendly


Koshereye Signature Strawberry Jam 
Our recipe, which was inspired by Ina Garten, results in a delicious spreadable jam. It is not as thick as those jams made with pectin, but perfect for many uses. It has only 3 ingredients!  This is a family staple when fresh strawberries are available.


2 pounds fresh strawberries
2 1/2 cups granulated white sugar
1 very large lemon- zested and juiced


Remove tops from berries; clean thoroughly, drain and cut into quarter or halves.
Add sugar, zest and and fresh lemon juice; to a deep pot. Simmer uncovered  over low heat until sugar is melted.
Add berries - stir- Cook uncovered  for about 20 minutes. When berries star to soften, crush with potato masher or fork
Gently scrape the bottom of the pan with a spatula occasionally to be sure the jam is not sticking.  The temperature of mixture when ready should be about 220 F. If you don't have a thermometer, just freeze a glass plate. Remove from freezer, put a spoonful of jam on it, and see if you can make a line down the center of the jam with a spoon. If not, simmer a few more minutes.
Pour strawberry mixture into clean jars. Let cool, then cover. Refrigerate (It will thicken a bit in refrigerator, but remain spreadable).  
Freeze if desired, but defrost in refrigerator before using.
Delicious on toast, matzo or over ice cream or yogurt.


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From Star-K: This video describes the most common insect found on strawberries and teaches the proper method of cleaning strawberries.