Chocolate Chunkies

 chocolate chunkies


Passover Chocolate “Chunkies”
with fruit, nuts, olive oil and honey
By Lauren Stacy Berdy

A delicious Passover chocolate confection that can easily come from your kitchen. No cooking is involved. But your nibbling fingers might not want to stay away. The olive oil and honey will soften the bite. This chocolate bar will be creamy not snappy. A candied orange peel can be ordered from “Oh Nuts!” (or other online vendors) if not available locally.

2 lbs. semisweet chocolate kosher for Passover, melted
½ cup olive oil
1 cup dried apricots, diced
8 candied orange peels, diced
1 cup toasted hazelnuts (roughly chopped)
½ cup orange blossom honey

Equipment: toaster oven, 8” x 8” disposable aluminium cake pan, mixing bowl, rubber spatula, parchment paper

To roast hazelnuts: spread whole hazelnut kernels in a single layer on a baking sheet and bake at 275º F for 15-20 minutes. Take care not to over roast as the nuts can scorch quickly! To remove the skins, wrap the warm hazelnuts in a clean dish towel then rub vigorously. Set aside the skinned hazelnuts and shake the skins into the sink.
Line the bottom of the aluminum pan with parchment paper. In a glass bowl, melt the chocolate with the olive oil in the microwave. Whirl nuts in the food processor, until broken up.Use scissors to dice up the apricots and candied orange peel.
Put all the nuts and fruit into a bowl. Add in the melted chocolate with olive oil. Pour in the honey. Mix with a rubber spatula until it is all blended.Use the spatula to steer the chocolate into the corners of the aluminium cake pan, then seal with plastic.
Place in the freezer for at least 1 hour.Chocolate can stay well sealed and frozen for a couple of weeks.

At least 1 hour before serving, take the chocolate from the freezer.Cut the chocolate first into 1½" strips and then into 1½" “chunks.” Once the chocolate is cut. It can be stored a few different ways: cut chocolate can be stored in the coolest room of the house or kept frozen.
If freezing, cover the pre-cut chocolate with plastic wrap. Divide the frozen pieces up and seal in freezer bags.
If taking from refrigerator, bring first to room temperature.
Assemble the chocolate pieces decoratively on a platter.

Note: These sweets are best when eaten at room temperature.

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