Orange Marmalade

 Orange Marmalade texted

Orange ya glad that this is EASY & Homemade? We were inspired by an Alton Brown recipe. Delicious on matzo or toast! Wonderful sauce for baked orange chicken!


1 1/2 pounds oranges
1 large lemon, zest and juice
2 1/2 -3 cups sugar* ( We prefer the lesser amount)
5 cups water


Wash the oranges and lemon well to remove any wax or residual dirt. Cut the oranges into 1/8-inch slices using a mandolin or a knife. Remove seeds as you slice. Cut sliced oranges into quarters or eighths.

Place the oranges into an 8-quart stainless or copper pot. Add the lemon zest, juice and the water. (You can also add the rest of the leftover lemon) Place over high heat and bring to a boil for approximately 10 minutes. Then reduce the heat to maintain a rapid simmer and cook, stirring frequently, for 30-40 minutes or until the fruit is very soft.  Place a small plate in the freezer.

Increase the heat under the orange mixture to return to full boil. Add the sugar and stir mixture continually, until it reaches 222 to 225 degrees F on a candy thermometer, and darkens in color, this will take about 20 minutes. *Taste the marmalade for sweetness. (careful, it is hot!) You can add more sugar here.  If you don't have a thermometer, just simmer for about 20 minutes. Remove cold  plate from freezer; spoon on some marmalade. If it seems to be thick and gel-like, it is ready. (Remove the leftover lemons if using.) If the marmalade seems too runny, simmer another 10-15  minutes. Ladle into jars and refrigerate. It will thicken much more in the refrigerator.

This freezes well. When in season, bitter, tart Seville oranges make a delicious marmalade. 
For chicken, about 15-20 minutes before chicken is ready - spoon all over and bake until chicken is cooked through and ready
Makes about 4-8 ounce jars 
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