Easy Passover-friendly recipes by guest contributor Allison Davidson

KosherEye guest contributor Allison Davidson is from Jamaica Estates, NY. She attended Manhattan's Ramaz High School and is currently a student at MMY Girl's seminary in Jerusalem. Her cooking passion started at about 12 years old when she began watching cooking shows and cooking for Shabbat with her mom. Then it slowly developed into cooking dinner every night, cooking for Shabbat, and baking lots of desserts.

From Allison: "In MMY we have to cook our own dinners, which had me cooking and experimenting a lot! I realized that I really love to cook and bake. MMY offered me the opportunity to cook the Purim Seudah for the entire school! I took on this challenge and it ended up coming out incredibly! Since then I have created an Instagram page for my cooking and can’t wait to see where my cooking takes me in the future! "

Allison shared two favorite Passover friendly recipes with KosherEye:

Easy Apple Crumble
Easy Roasted Pepper and Onion Grilled Chicken

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