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Tina Wasserman, award winning author, cooking instructor and Kosher cook, shared her Passover Seder "to-do" list with KosherEye. Fascinating to read how a cooking expert plans each step of the Seder. We know we can learn a lot from her. Thank you Tina!


•  Set table with silver, glasses

•  Prepare 30 slices of horseradish, 30 pieces of arugula and  dust balls of charoset in some powdered cinnamon

•  Place Halek in a few black glass bowls

•  When apple charoset comes place some in colorful glasses (above freezer) on the table with a dollop of each at each place setting on the right

•  Before Seder starts, there should be a sample of each of the three charoset on each plate to the right of the bowl and a sprig of arugula as well.

•  Each table should have a plate with Matzo on it

•  Prepare two or three plates with tomatoes, carrots, and pepper strips on it with a little dish of Russian dressing in the center

•  Place water and a sprinkling of salt in each bowl at place settings-eggs will arrive with guest and then slice and place in bowls

•  Pour water into glasses

•  Get wine ready and serve initially at Seder offering each person a variety of choices


 Place gefilte fish on a leaf on individual small plates and then also place 1 thin slice of fish terrine on the plate as well.

•  Heat soup

•  Heat two meat dishes can be kept in casseroles but clean up rim of lamb

•  Place cranberry sauce in a dish

•  Slice Turducken in half lengthwise and then slice crosswise into pieces.  Place on silver platter and keep warm

•  Heat carrots and serve in that dish

•  Make quinoa-make sure to rinse in cold water first and then cook like rice –2 cups quinoa, 4 cups rice a little salt 15 minutes or until tender

•  Warm asparagus in micro or warming drawer and then  place in silver server sprinkled with lemon gremolata


•  Set out non-frozen desserts and dessert plates and heat water for tea


Tina Wasserman is the author of Entree to Judaism: A Culinary Exploration of the Jewish Diaspora. Visit Tina at

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