Country Chicken


Adapted from Römertopf Clay Baker Recipes by Reco International


3-1/2 pound whole chicken
Salt and pepper
1 yellow onion
Fresh parsley
Celery tops
Fresh Thyme
White wine (optional; small amount)
Assorted small vegetables such as: potatoes, onions, carrots, mushrooms (anything you like)
2 tablespoons margarine


Soak clay cooker bottom and top in water for 15 minutes.

Wash and pat dry the chicken; rub the inside with salt and pepper. Place the yellow onion, parsley sprigs and celery tops into the cavity of the chicken.* Tie the legs together and place in bottom of the pot. Brush with melted margarine**, if desired.  Season with salt, pepper and thyme.  A small amount of white wine may be added for flavor.

Place vegetables around the chicken;  Sprinkle all with minced parsley.  Cover the pot and place in a cold oven. Bake at 450 degrees for about 85 minutes.

If you prefer a very crisp chicken, remove the pot from the oven after 85 minutes. take the vegetables out and pour the pot juices into a saucepan to keep warm. Return the pot, without the lid, to the oven for crisping.


*We also add a lemon, pierced in several places, in the chicken cavity.

**We brush with a small amount of olive oil. There are so many ways you can personalize this recipe: we have used fresh rosemary in place of the thyme; added a whole bulb or two of garlic (top trimmed) to the veggie mix; added a bay leaf; sliced shallots;sliced celery; small tri-colored potatoes