Chicken "Parmigiana"

A KosherEye Signature Recipe


Made with  Daiya parve alternative kosher mozzarella.


6 boneless chicken breasts, pounded or split *
Salt, pepper
Garlic powder
Italian style bread crumbs (such as Jason brand)
4 large eggs, beaten
Extra virgin olive oil, about 3/4 cup
1 jar Marinara sauce  such as Barilla or homemade  sauce
1 package Daiya parve Mozzarella shreds
1 box  long pasta such as Angel Hair, Vermicelli or Spaghetti


Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Pound chicken breasts, or split chicken breasts in half with knife. (Each breast should be about 1/3 -inch thick)

Season each chicken breast with salt, pepper and garlic powder.

Create a breading station with two separate plates (we use glass pie plates).

Place bread crumbs in one and  beaten eggs in second plate. With tongs, coat chicken with eggs and then with breadcrumbs. Set aside. Heat olive oil in a large non–stick pan. Place the chicken in the pan and pan fry, turning once, until both sides of  chicken are browned. Remove the chicken; let drain on a paper towel.

Spread a thin layer of Marinara sauce in a  9 x 13–inch baking dish. Place the chicken in the sauce and bake in a pre–heated  425-degree oven for about 15 minutes or until almost done. Remove chicken from oven and ladle some sauce over each piece of chicken. Top each piece with Daiya kosher parve Mozzarella shreds. Return chicken to hot oven and heat until cheese is melted – about 5 minutes.

Prepare pasta per directions on package, and drain well. In a saucepan,  warm additional Marinara sauce. Place hot pasta on a plate. Top with  chicken and then with a generous serving of additional heated sauce. Enjoy with a lovely glass of red wine!


Yield: 6 servings

*Veal may be substituted for chicken