Rosh Hashanah Star 2014 - Einat Admony


Einat Admony


Einat Admony is author of the fabulous cookbook Balaboosta: Bold Mediterranean Recipes to Feed the People You Love and chef- owner of three New York area restaurants.
Her life has been an adventure. After growing up outside Tel Aviv, she was a cook in the Israeli Army, walked away from college after two months, traipsed around Germany as a gypsy, then packed up her life to move to New York and work at "a million venerable kitchens around the city," according to The New Yorker. We of course wish that her 3 restaurants were kosher, but they are not. However, so many of her fabulous recipes can be found in her bestselling book- Balaboosta, and in online reviews. Congratulations to the talented Einat Admony for her August feature in the Wall Street Journal series Slow Food Fast which spotlights prominent chefs and their recipes.

Einat is married to Stefan Nafziger. Together they own and operate Balaboosta, Bar Bolonat, and Taïm. They live in Brooklyn with their two young children, Liam and Mika.

Enjoy these recipes from Ainat:
Rice Fit For A King
Mom's Chicken Pomegranate and Walnuts
Pomegranate Confiture


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