Rosh Hashanah Star 2014 - Liz Rueven


Liz Rueven


Kosher Like Me is a blog focused on farm to table, kosher recipes that are in synch with the growing seasons and Jewish holidays. While Liz's kitchen is strictly kosher, she honors the rules by eating as a vegetarian when she is away from her home. Her restaurant reviews and travel adventures highlight restaurants where she finds plenty of thoughtfully prepared vegetarian alternatives that suit her kosher lifestyle.

How much of what you prepare for Jewish holidays reflects what is growing in your region? If you are a regular farmers' market shopper, you may want to try to integrate more local and seasonal crops into your dishes. For me, the challenge is finding ways to prepare my family's holiday favorites with ingredients that my grandmother may not have used.

When my local farmer suggested that I experiment with stuffing and rolling the leaves found at the crown of brussel sprout stalks, my imagination lit up with memories of my Nana's sweet and sour stuffed cabbage. But as I considered using these deep green, densely nutritious leaves instead of cabbage, I began to re-think the filling too. I channeled my Israeli mother-in-law's cooking and chose to use Ras El Hanout as the dominant seasoning for the meat and rice mixture.

The results were far more delicious and easier to assemble than cabbage. Consider making this dish 2-3 days in advance of the holiday to allow the flavors to develop fully.


Enjoy this recipe from Liz:
Stuffed Brussel Sprout Leaves