Rosh Hashanah Star 2014 - Eileen Goltz


Eileen Goltz

Is September National Honey Month because the high holidays always seem to fall SOMEWHERE in September or is it just a happy coincidence? No matter what the answer this is the perfect time to explore that wonderful liquid nectar that our ancestors prized so highly as the perfect food to ensure a sweet new year. The logistics of honey is astounding. Of the typical 50,000 or so bees in a hive they can log in visits to over a million flowers to gather enough nectar to make a pound of honey. The honey of every hive is special and dependent on the types of flora they visit. I've been told that there are over 300 types of honey and the lighter honeys are milder and darker honeys tend to have a stronger flavor. One thing you should know is that all honey will crystallize in time but when you're shopping for it you should know that there are lots of ways you can get your honey fix and serve it with apples:
Comb Honey, honey in its original form; and yes the comb is edible. A cut comb is honey with chunks comb in the jar with it. Liquid honey is strained from the comb. Crystallized honey is exactly what it sounds like crystallized honey. One of my favorite, and hardest to find treats, is whipped (creamed) honey. This is a spreadable honey that is soooooo delicious that when I find it, I don't share. What I do share are these special recipes that will enhance any holiday meal

Enjoy these recipes from Eileen:
Pumpkin Honey Loaf
Honey Maple Pecan Chicken
Honey Lime Fruit Salad Dressing


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