Sweet Potato Latkes



by Sheilah Kaufman, CookingwithSheilah.com

For Hanukkah, I always mix a mixture of traditional potato pancakes and these. I LOVE sweet potatoes and serve them with yogurt. My friend and fellow cooking teacher and author Sherron Goldstein gave me this recipe many years ago.


2 pounds sweet potatoes (yams), peeled and coarsely grated
2 tables fresh grated ginger, peeled and minced or to taste
4 scallions, finely chopped
2/3 cup all-purpose flour
1 1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon fresh ground black pepper
2 large eggs
Canola oil for frying
Sour Cream (for a dairy meal)


Stir together sweet potatoes, ginger, and scallions.   Mix together flour, salt and pepper. Slowly add to potato  mixture and blend.  Drain any liquid from potatoes. If necessary put grated potatoes in a dish towel and wring out moisture. Return to mixing bowl.  Beat eggs and mix into potatoes.

Heat oil in a large, heavy skillet. Use enough oil to generously cover bottom of pan. Heat to medium-high.

Measure a scant 1/4 cup for each latke. Drop sweet potato mixture into skillet. Flatten a little with the back of a spatula. Make latkes about 3 inches round. Do not crowd pan. Cook latkes until golden brown on one side, about four minutes. Turn on second side and cook until cooked through, about 3-4 minutes more.

Transfer latkes with a spatula to a baking sheet that is lined with three layers of paper toweling.
These can be held in a 225 degree oven waiting to serve. Serve latkes with applesauce and sour cream if desired.


Yield: 24 Latkes

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