Grilled Vegetable Array


By Rebbitzin Rifki Freundlich

Choose any combination of vegetables and colors, grilled or roasted. To serve: arrange by color.
"I serve mine on a square, white serving piece. This dish can be served at room temperature and is therefore perfect for Shabbat lunch".


Suggested Vegetables for Grilling:

Green: diagonal slices of washed (not peeled) zucchini
Yellow: diagonal slices of washed (not peeled) yellow squash
Red: purple-sliced onion
Yellow/Orange/Red: peppers flayed, seeded and cut into 4 pieces or
Assortedcolors of mini peppers- seeded and halved
ExtraVirgin olive oil, salt, garlic powder

SuggestedVegetables for Oven Roasting
Red: beets- peeled (with gloves on) and sliced
Green: baby/petite zucchini or pencil-thin asparagus (appropriately checked) or garlic sautéed green beans
Orange: petite carrots with stems still on top


Drizzle olive oil and shake spices over prepared vegetables. Grill (or roast) cleaned, drained vegetables by color. "As I'm grilling or roasting, I keep the vegetables separated by color so that serving in rows of color will be easier. An outside grill or the Nordic grill pan on the stove can be used."

Oven Roasting:
Red: Arrange beets on parchment on a cookie sheet and roast at 425 until juice is running and slices are tender.

Green: Arrange Baby/petite zucchini on a cookie sheet and roast at 425 until skin just begins to blacken and blister
roast pencil-thin asparagus (appropriately checked)
prepare garlic sautéed green beans
"I make these in a frying pan as follows: Heat olive oil in pan and add 2-3 bags of petite green beans. After 5 minutes, add 4-6 frozen garlic cubes* and sauté for another 7 minutes or until some beans begin to blacken and crisp."
Orange Petite carrots- Arrange flat on a cookie sheet and roast at 425 until carrots are soft.


Separate vegetables by color, and if possible, present on a white serving platter. Delicious at room temperature.

Recipe, Kosher, vegetables, parve, grill or oven roast


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