Avocado Soup with Corn Relish


 SoupNights avocado soup

This lovely cool and light spring soup recipe is from the cookbook Soup Nights by Betty Rosbottom, published by Rizzoli

ALTHOUGH AVOCADOS BOAST distinctive characteristics like a smooth, beautiful texture and a gorgeous green color, their taste is fairly neutral. They work best paired with strong, bold flavors, as they are in this chilled soup. The fresh corn relish provides this counterpoint with its assertive flavors of lime, cumin, and cilantro. Place a dollop in the center of each serving, and pass the rest in a small bowl.


2 TBSP olive oil
2 CUPS (from 3 – 4 ears) fresh corn kernels
2/3 CUP chopped red onion 1/2 TSP ground cumin
¼ TSP Kosher salt
2 1/2 TSP lime juice
2 TSP chopped cilantro, plus more for garnish

3 ripe avocados, halved, pitted, peeled, and cut into 1/2-inch dice
2 1/4 CUPS cold buttermilk
1 1/2 CUPS ice water
1 1/2 TSP grated lime zest
1 ½ TSP Kosher salt
3/4 TSP ground cumin


FOR THE RELISH In a medium skillet over medium, heat the oil until hot. Add the corn and onion and cook, stirring often, about 4 minutes. Stir in the cumin and 1/4 teaspoon salt and cook until the onions have softened slightly and the corn is still crisp, about 1 minute more. Stir in the lime juice. Transfer to a nonreactive bowl and cool to room temperature. (Relish can be prepared one day ahead to this stage; cover and refrigerate. Bring to room temperature before using.) Stir in 2 teaspoons of the cilantro. Taste and add more salt if needed.

FOR THE SOUP Place the avocados and buttermilk in a food processor or blender and process until smooth. Transfer to a large, nonreactive bowl. Stir in the ice water, lime zest, 1 1/2 teaspoons salt, and cumin. Taste and season with extra salt as needed since chilled soups often need extra seasoning. The soup is best made and served immediately so that the bright green color does not start to turn gray. 

LADLE THE SOUP into bowls. Garnish each serving with some corn relish and a sprinkle of cilantro. Pass extra relish in a small bowl.

Serves about  6-8