Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie


Adapted from a recipe by Mindy Johnson of

Talk about comforting! "Meat" and potatoes! I was so excited to take a bite when I originally posted this that I served myself before it had a chance to "set" and the potatoes started to slide, but it was SO good!


Vegetarian Ground "Beef"- 3 pouches *
Carrots- peeled and sliced small
Peas- handful, frozen
Parsnips- peeled and sliced small
Potatoes- 6 large (mashed) or pre-packaged mashed potatoes
Worcestershire Sauce **
Bay Leaf
Vegetarian Broth
Flour or cornstarch
Baking Spray
Milk and butter if making your own mashed potatoes ***


Saute ground "beef" on medium in a bit of oil until it is a slightly "caramelized." The trick to using veggie meats is to be sure the outside is browned well so the product stays together.

While sautéing, add carrots and parsnips. Cook until softened.

Add a bay leaf (remember to remove it later!), and a bit of Worcestershire Sauce. Use the herbs and spices you prefer, but Shepherd's Pie is not known as a very "herb-y" or "spice-y" dish. It's pretty mellow.

Mix a bit of flour or cornstarch with veg broth, and add to mixture in pan to add "stickiness" to the meat. Stir. Add peas.

Spray a baking pan (round or square) and pour in meat mixture. (Be sure to remove the bay leaf!) Press down slightly, and add mashed potatoes on top. Leave some peaks. They brown nicely. I forgot once and missed seeing them.

Bake at 350 until heated through and browned on top. Remove from oven, and let rest before serving. If any is left, it will be more settled and won't "shift" on the second day.

3-4 servings

* Vegetarian/kosher Ground "Beef"- Morningstar Farms Recipe Crumbles
** Worcestershire Sauce- such as French's Brand is kosher, but I only realized recently that Worcestershire Sauce has anchovies in it. So, not truly vegetarian. However there are brands of pure vegetarian Worcestershire Sauce such as Wan Ja Shan.
***Milk and butter are not strictly vegetarian, so use margarine and almond or soy milk if you like.


Mindy creates recipes with no specific amounts listed, only approximations. Be creative, have fun and enjoy!

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