FAQs to Submit Features

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How can my products be considered for feature by KosherEye?
We consider for feature any items related to the global kosher lifestyle including food, beverage, wine, spirits, cookbooks, gadgets, appliances, restaurants, gourmet related events and happenings, etc.

What kosher certification is required for my product to be considered for feature?
KosherEye considers items for feature with any kosher certification acceptable to the CRC (Chicago Rabbinical Council), OU (Orthodox Union) or AKC (Atlanta Kashruth Commission). View a listing of these certifications at crcweb.org or contact us at ContactKosherEye@gmail.com and we can check the certification for you. Globally, there are hundreds of acceptable kosher certifications, some of which may not be listed. In addition, if you are seeking kosher certification, we’ll connect you with appropriate certifying agencies.

How do I submit a product for feature consideration?
Simply send a minimum of two of each product you would like KosherEye to consider for feature to KosherEye, 1153 Empire Road, Atlanta, GA 30329. We will test them, try them, taste them and consider them for spotlighting on our website, Twitter and/or Facebook. If you are submitting a food or beverage product, when possible please include recipes and nutritional information.  With gadgets or appliances, send accompanying usage information and tips as to why your gadget is great! Cookbooks — please forward 2 copies. If available, send a media kit with all items. Chefs, please send a recent photo.

How will the consumer know where to purchase my featured product?
Along with your products, submit information as to where the consumer can purchase your items including online sources. KosherEye will contact you if we need further information.

How will I know if my product has been accepted for feature?
We will do our best to notify your company by email. Please supply an accurate email address. Feel free to contact us at any time by Email: ContactKosherEye@gmail.com.

Can I expect a “bump” in sales after the KosherEye feature?
As in any media promotions, the results are unpredictable. It would be likely that KosherEye followers will be inclined to seek out your product, and consequently retailers would potentially respond by increasing stock levels or purchasing the item due to customer requests.

Will unused items be returned? Please be aware that we cannot return any items sent for consideration. We donate unusable or extra products to charitable organizations.


KosherEye does not accept financial remuneration for any features!