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Café Don Pablo

Award Winning Coffee Growers & Roasters

As most of us do, we roam the aisles at Costco eagerly searching for new and delicious brands. We sometimes enjoy the many samplings of food and drink. Little did we know that our tasting one morning would make us loyal fans of a coffee brand which we had not previously discovered--Café Don Pablo. This has now become our favorite breakfast coffee. And we were pleased to see that Coffee Review, a globally respected coffee guide, agrees with our opinion and rated Café Don Pablo Signature Blend a 90/100.

About the Company
In 1989 Darron J. Burke, founder of Burke Brands LLC. moved to South Florida. and met his Columbian wife Eliana. While visiting Eliana’s family in Colombia, Darron fell in love with Latin culture and its delicious coffee. The couple recognized an opportunity, and learned everything they could about coffee growing and roasting. They traveled through Latin America to forge relationships with coffee growers. Eliana’s grandmother nicknamed Darron “Don Pablo” because as a Spanish speaker she had much difficulty pronouncing his real name correctly. Thus the birth of Café Don Pablo coffees.

The signature blend that we like so much is exclusive to Costco, and made from Columbia, Guatemalan and Brazilian beans. It is a medium to full bodied Arabica coffee - and we find it a great wake-me-up cup. Other Café Don Pablo varieties and assortments are available at stores nationwide, and online. If you would like to learn more about the brand, or order coffee or a coffee gift, visit

Most kashrut agencies agree that all unflavored beans or unflavored ground coffee is considered kosher without special certification.

Free Giveaway: Café Don Pablo is partnering with KosherEye as part of our "Marvelous Mom" giveaway.  Enter to Win a Coffee Sampler Gift Box filled with Café Don Pablo’s 3 most popular coffees in 12 ounce bags. (Signature Blend, Subtle Earth Organic Coffee, Pablo's Pride Honduran Dark Roast). If you just can't wait to see if you win... order Cafe Don Pablo signature blend on Amazon.

The Winner is: Monique Seifullin, Santa Monica, California

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Giveaway is limited to continental U.S. only. If you are not living in continental U.S., you may still enter and, if selected, "gift" your prize to a continental U.S. friend or relative. The winner will be notified by email. Once notified, the winner must respond within 48 hours or the prize will be awarded to the runner-up. Giveaway prize does not have cash equivalent. KosherEye LLC reserves the right, at any time, to cancel, modify or suspend the giveaway if, in its sole judgment, the giveaway is not capable of being conducted as specified. KosherEye LLC reserves the right to alter giveaway terms and conditions at any time and at its sole discretion.KosherEye LLC reserves the right to cancel the giveaway if it deems that circumstances arise outside of its control.
This Giveaway has ended.  The lucky winner is Monique Sefuillin, Santa Monica, CA.



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