According to Buzzfeed.com:
  • You wait too long to buy a turkey
  • You forget that a frozen turkey takes four days to thaw
  • You don't let your turkey come to room temperature before roasting it
  • You don't dry the turkey really well both inside the cavity and on the outside
  • You don't use a roasting rack inside your roasting pan
  • You cook stuffing inside the turkey
  • You roast the turkey at one temperature instead of starting it in a really hot oven and then lowering the heat
  • You "freak out" about the skin browning too quickly and turn down the over temperature
  • You don't use a thermometer
  • You check the temperature at the wrong time and in the wrong place
  • You cook the turkey past 165 degrees
  • You don't let the turkey rest for at least 15 minutes before carving
  • You destroy the turkey when carving (cooking.com)
  • You carve the whole bird even if half of it will be eaten on Thanksgiving
  • You use a huge bird, instead of a smaller bird and favorite parts

Want to know how to correct these common turkey errors? Go to Buzzfeed.com.

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