By Renee Chernin, Brand Name Publishing


Cooking For The King is based on the principle that there is nothing mundane in a world created by G-d. Renee's kitchen is certainly not mundane. Her cooking and entertaining are complete with sanctity, hospitality and elegance. Her recipes are creative, and they include many of the meaningful, symbolic foods of Rosh Hashanah. The cookbook shares menu ideas and entertaining tips on how to prepare and present exceptional Yom Tov meals.

All of the book's recipes are appropriate for the season. Direct from her home and kitchen in the Old City of Jerusalem, Renee shares many of her best and most popular selections. We love the fact that some are rooted in her Sephardic and southern background. In Cooking for the King, the kitchen is transformed and elevated by emphasizing symbolic foods and how to transform them into soups, side dishes, salads and more. Treat your guests like royalty - use Cooking for the King as an inspiring culinary guide for Rosh Hashanah.

Read our feature and our conversation with Renee, and try Renee's recipes for Shanah Tovah Salad and Chicken Rimon.

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