Remaining Kosher, Volume One
A Cookbook for All with a Hechsher in their Heart
By Lauren Stacy Berdy


Disclosure here: This is the first complete cookbook that we have ever read "cover to cover" on the iPad. Yes, we regularly use cookbook apps and recipes from the Internet; yes, our iPad is right at home in our kitchen thanks to our ChefSleeve iPad protective covers and our amazing  ChefSleeve iPad stand. But reading and using this innovative cookbook was a new and exciting experience.

Lauren Berdy writes: What's a Jewish Papa to do when his daughter wants to become a chef. It was 1976 and that is not what he had in mind for his daughter. Lauren Stacy Berdy has cooked professionally for over 30 years and in kosher kitchens for thousands of hours. Her book, Remaining Kosher is an open invitation to look over her shoulder in the kitchen and to journey to ethnic markets along with her. She studied at LaVarenne Ecole de Cuisine, Paris, earning Le Grande Diplome d'Etudes Culinairs.

Now to the recipes – they are creative and fabulous. You can tour the world with Lauren's culinary creations. She shares recipes for many of the spices and dishes of India, China, Hong Kong, Mexico and more. We were delighted with the variety of recipes for hard to find kosher dishes and her step-by-step instructions on how to make recipes like ghee, garam masala, date syrup and chutneys. And then there are the soups, sides, pastas, entrees, breads and desserts. Some are classics with instructions on how to prepare them, and some take us on a culinary journey. We loved Chef Lauren's Chicken Fried Rice. Her Chinese Cold Poached Velvet Chicken will become a staple at your Shabbos table. Her desserts are incredible. (We just about licked the dish when we whipped up her Jam Crostata.) Yes, we are still cooking our way through the book.

Lauren not only shares recipes, but she gives the reader exact instructions with pictures and words on how to create the dish and how to use unfamiliar ingredients. The recipes come to life through the beautiful pictures. Every photograph is vibrant, colorful and so realistic on the iPad.

If you are one who make notes and highlights items in cookbooks, you'll be delighted to find that you can do that in this "e-book".  There is also a built-in capablity of copying and sharing recipe instructions and notes via email, texting, Twitter, and Facebook! 

Lauren has won us over to the world of e-cookbooks, which by the way can save money and space. Yes, as we've shared previously our bookshelves are bulging; so we can certainly appreciate a virtual bookshelf. Remaining Kosher shares a wealth of recipes and if you are an adventurous cooking spirit, it will be a treasure in your kitchen. Visit Lauren for more information and sample pages

Remaining Kosher may be purchased through iTunes or the Apple iBooks App on your iPad or your Mac. You may also buy it here:


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