We smiled all the way through The Brisket Book as we did all the way through our conversation with author Stephanie Pierson.

Who is your target audience?
People who know or want to know about brisket, or love brisket, and all who are seeking brisket bliss.

What is the focus of the book?
The book actually focuses more on braised preparation than on barbecue brisket. However, there are several great barbecued brisket recipes included.

What is so special about Brisket?
It is a family affair; Most families have their own brisket recipe, it is cross–cultural.

What are some of your must have, favorite kitchen gadgets?
Melitta (coffee) filters, my coffee grinder, a sharp knife, and my Moulinex grater.

Can you share with our readers something few know about you?
I was the State of Connecticut badminton champion. Why are we not surprised!