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When John Ulam founded All–Clad Metalcrafters over 40 years ago, he tapped his skills as a metallurgist to utilize his knowledge of the unique properties and benefits of various metals. He created bonded cookware, which embodied simple, classic design, and proved to perform beyond the capabilities of any single-metal cookware. In this process of perfecting layered-metal bonding, a legacy was born, a benchmark for professional bonded cookware.

At each stage of the manufacturing process, every piece of All–Clad bonded cookware is hand–inspected to ensure that it maintains All–Clad quality standards. This detailed scrutiny slows the production process, but guarantees that every piece of bonded cookware that leaves the Canonsburg, Pennsylvania based mill, preserves the reputation and standards that precede it.

This company prides itself in their creed that quality always takes precedence over convenience; the metals are formulated for optimal cooking performance; not for ease of manufacturing. They are manufactured to the most stringent environmental standards. “Virtually every ounce of unused material is recovered and recycled, down to the metal dust generated during the sanding process. “

After cooking with All–Clad in our kitchens, we conclude that this brand, although a splurge, is an essential and worthwhile kitchen investment. The signature stay–cool handle is cast from solid stainless steel, ergonomically–designed for comfort during long cooking sessions. Rivets are formed from high–-yield–strength stainless steel, and treated to remove trace elements of iron that could otherwise cause corrosion. The finished tri–ply bonded cookware product is meant to offer a lifetime of service. 
And, if used according to instructions, it is guaranteed for a lifetime, and slated to be a kitchen heirloom.

We fried Hanukkah Latkes in our 12–inch All–Clad non–stick fry pan. The oil heated evenly, the latkes browned beautifully and how easy it was to clean. Next, we tested Eggrolls using just 1/3–inch of oil.  Once again, we had the same even heating results. There was no puddling or burned oil; no scorched egg roll skins. Next came pan fried breaded boneless Chicken Schnitzel. What a pleasure. And then, the real test of fry pan, making scrambled eggs, absolutely no sticking. It wasa breeze! We also fried up a batch of home fried potatoes, yumm!  As you can see, we are using our pan for fleish (meat), but now that we love it so much, we need to invest in an All–Clad for dairy.

This fry pan is easy to clean, a feature we look for on all of our kitchen cookware. We gently used a soft soapy nylon scrubber on the cooled pan, and then also put it in the dishwasher. (We put everything in the dishwasher!)

So dear foodies, chefs, home cooks and passionate kitchen hobbyists, how can you resist. We can’t. A KosherEye gift yourself or gift others selection.

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January 18, 2012

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