Passover Table Creations

                                                        Photo by Alexis Mizrahi

by Guest Columnist, Marlene Mamiye
The Jewish Hostess

Dear KosherEye Readers,

Passover is a time to break out of the traditional, and set your artistic talents free– right onto your holiday table. Of course our traditional Seder gives us such a sense of comfort, but nothing is more liberating than seeing a bit of your creative side displayed fabulously on your Seder table for all of your guests to enjoy. Here at The Jewish Hostess, I get so inspired by the hundreds of women from all over the world that share their Jewish holiday table creation pictures. Enjoy and be inspired by these original ideas sent in by Jewish Hostess readers.

10 Ways to Think Out of The Seder Plate and Create Your Own Fresh Holiday Table Style

passoverplacecards1.  Create your own Passover place cards! Shop HERE, and find some extra Passover clipart images from HERE. Photo by Kim Dabah


animalsandfrogs2.  Get into the holiday theme by sprinkling mini animals and frogs in unexpected places. Check out this bag of Passover Frogs from Amazon. Photo Frogs Here, Frogs There- What a Fun Seder Table! by Jewish Hostess Sara Kasten.


jhtable-0013.  Avoid the mess of passing the seder items around the entire table, and place a mini ke'arah in a small salad plate in front of each guest. This makes the kids feel especially important. Photo by Jewish Hostess- Sarah Mamiye





passover-seder-550x4124.  Another chic idea- take out those champagne and flute glasses that are very bored just hanging around your cabinets and place bitter herbs, celery, into them. Pass around on a tray to all of your guests. Idea by Jewish Hostess-Alexis Mizrahi


jhbentobox-0015.  You can also use a bento box as an individual seder plate. So cool! Idea by Jewish Hostess Claudia Bildirici.




jhpassover-egg6.  Make gorgeous Pesach decorated eggs. HERE's HOW- Photo by Jewish Hostess April Adams.




jhshabbbostbl7.  This Jewish Hostess table was sent in by Shelly Anteby who used a scarf as a table runner and wood from home depot as a base for her leopard fabric. I love the hot pink and summer green combo! Amazing! Remember to use some of these ideas for Shabbat or any special occasion!


jhredtable8.  Last year for Purim, I bought an inexpensive fabric and cut it as a diamond overlay over a white hemstitch table cloth. Why not purchase a bright RED runner or overlay to symbolize Makat DAM? (the plague of blood) Here's another RED inspiration for Passover by Jewish Hostess Kim Dabah. Kim used gorgeous red roses, red linen napkins and red dishes as an easy yet powerful accent to her elegant table setting.

jhnapkins9.  Paper napkins can be chic! Here's how. I folded these cloth–like napkins and made my own napkin rings in 10 minutes or less!





10.  Keep using COLOR, COLOR, COLOR! Color make people happy. Color adds to the festive atmosphere. Color makes us all glad to be alive and free to appreciate the beauty that surrounds our lives. I hope you've been inspired to create your own Passover table style! I would love to see the wonderful hues, ideas, and themes that you come up with! Please email your pics (iPhones take great pictures!) to me at my photos(at)! Wishing all of you a Healthy and Happy Holiday! Marlene Mamiye

About The Author

marlenem1Marlene Mamiye is the creator of the popular website, The Jewish Hostess. She has always been intrigued by the stories of Syrian Jewish grandmothers who made the most of what they had — transforming the cheapest cuts of meat and passed-their-prime breads and vegetables into memorable dishes— and  spent three years producing a documentary about the history of the Syrian Jewish community. Her work on the documentary was the inspiration for The Jewish Hostess website.

April 1, 2012

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