Bosch Universal Mixer

Challah, Bread, & Big Batch Baking


The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of automotive and industrial technology, consumer goods, and building technology. Founded in Stuttgart, Germany in 1886 by Robert Bosch, the company has expanded to more than 60 countries, and has some 285,000 associates − 170,000 of them outside Germany. We had heard about the Bosch Universal Mixer from avid challah, bread, and cake bakers, and became more familiar with it at the January AmericasMart Gift and Home Show. We have been smitten with this innovative, efficient machine ever since. We initiated our Bosch pre–Passover, a time when we often replace, update, or add to our appliances, and began our Bosch relationship with creating Passover sponge cakes, nut cakes, cookies, meringues,and more. It didn’t disappoint. We were able to blend, mix, and prepare our Passover specialties in record time! Now that Passover has ended, it’s time for the real test—challah and bread baking.

We have been searching for a machine (agreed our hands and a big bowl certainly work) to easily mix and knead big batches of bread, especially challah. A machine which would efficiently mix five pounds of flour- an entire bag. We have found the solution in the Bosch Universal Mixer. This machine arrives with a large 6 1/2 quart bowl, a dough hook, whips, splash ring, and covers. We also tested the optional cookie paddles, extra stainless steel bowl and dough scraper.  An add-on blender is also available, but we did not try it. Best of all, the mixer is configured to easily handle large quantities of dough for breads and baked goods. It is definitely the go–to mixer for big batches. Some call it the Bosch Bread Maker even though it is really a complete, easy to use mixer.  What we especially liked about this mixer was its capacity. We can make double batches of cookies and cakes, bread for a crowd, challahs to serve and to freeze. We also love that it is easy to add ingredients because of the double removable lids. And, everything goes in the dishwasher. Well almost everything, the dough hook does not.  We recommend the Bosch Universal to you if making large batches of baked goods is often on your to–do list. It will save you time, and likely money. Although our Bosch life has just begun, we read comment after comment that it will last “forever”. Stay tuned. We plan to update our findings from time to time.

Features of Bosch Universal Mixer
• Powerful motor, 800 Watts, 4 speed settings
• Cord storage
• Suction cup feet keep machine securely in place; mixer doesn’t walk around the counter
• Wide range of optional accessories
• Very popular for bread – making, 6½-quart bowl –mixes up to 6 lbs. of dough
• Ergonomic and easy handling with rim at top of bowl
• Triple arm dough hook is designed to replicate hand kneading
• 3 year motor/transmission warranty; 1 year warranty on attachments
• Bowls and accessories are dishwasher safe
• Easy to add ingredients to the bowl due to the 2 part lid

Enjoy the following recipes we made with the wondrous Bosch – Czernowitzer Challah adapted for the Bosch, Water Challah, and Cinnamon Rolls.

Visit, for a spectacular challah recipe from Renee Chernin, former Atlantan and now at home in Jerusalem. Along with the recipe, Renee will guide you through the beautiful thoughts and Torah insights of making challah, including the special meaningful bracha (blessing) to recite as challah is made. 

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April 18, 2012

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