The HEAT is ON!

The Cuisinart Warming Tray CWT-240  




The Cuisinart warming tray CWT–240 is a stylish addition to any buffet…it keeps food at desired serving temperature, and is large enough to hold  several dishes at once. It has a smooth glass surface and brushed metal base, which are both easy to clean.  When we tested it, we used  the 175° (medium) setting and our food stayed warm and fresh on the tray for 5+ hours.

The appliance, which is 19” x 12”, offers three different heat settings: 150°, 175° and 200°. The power-on indicator light works automatically, which might also offer an additional benefit for those who are observant and wish to change the tray’s temperature when utilized on a Jewish Yom Tov. And, depending on one’s needs, this Cuisinart warming tray can also be left on a single temperature and be appropriate for Sabbath use. For both questions, check with your Rabbinical authority. 

KosherEye recommends the Cuisinart warming tray as a helpful entertaining accessory. And, when you just don’t know what to give, consider it as a wonderful gift for most any household!

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