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Bruntmor colors


Cast Iron? YES! 
We recently worked with two Bruntmor Cast Iron Cooking Pans. 
Bruntmor 16 cast iron

First, the Bruntmor 16" pre-seasoned cast iron fry pan.

This is a generous size pan, and it requires generous storage space, but we think that it is a perfect size for a large family, or for entertaining a group. 
It arrives pre- seasoned, so we kashered it (which is actually very simple to do). After toveling, we simply rinsed it in hot water, thoroughly dried it, and then rubbed it all over with a light coating of vegetable oil. We placed it upside down in our oven and turned on the self-cleaning cycle for 2 hours. We allowed it to cool, and then rubbed it with additional vegetable oil. Do ask your rabbi if he recommends this method.
Tip: Use a high smoke point vegetable oil, like grapeseed, canola, corn or safflower -- not olive oil.

After each use, we rinse the pan with soapy warm water, dry it thoroughly, and rub it with additional vegetable oil. After multiple uses, the pan ages and becomes even better and more non-stick. Cast iron pans have been passed on through generations! Older pans are family treasures. 

The 16" Bruntmor pan has comfortable, grip handles, which we found to be very useful due to its formidable weight and size. The pan is diverse and works well on a cooktop, in the oven or on a grill. We're using our pan for dairy cooking. Our delicious standouts so far include  Copycat Kosher Deep Dish Pizza (a Chicago specialty!) and our scrumptious brunch German Apple Pancakes. Enjoy the recipes!

If you choose to use your pan for meat, consider preparing sizzling steaks, burgers, hot dogs or chicken in it. Use on gas, induction, and electric cooktops or on an outdoor grill or fire pit. It is oven-friendly up to 500 F

Approximately $50

Bruntmor enameled 12" cast iron sauté pan with lid
Bruntmor lavender

Bruntmor's new and colorful enameled cast iron skillet and sauté pan is extremely useful. This 12-inch pan is family friendly and offers even and steady heat retention. It can be used on the cooktop and is oven friendly. It has a colorful enameled exterior,and cast iron interior. After checking with rabbinical sources, we find that no seasoning needed.  The colors are irresistible.

• 12 inch enameled cast iron round 5 quart deep sauté pan with lid
• Includes stainless steel sure grip knob, ergonomic handles, and two pouring spouts
• Versatile pan can stir fry, braise, sear, deep fry, bake, optimized for steady, even heat
• Easy to clean: just use light soap and warm water, Oven safe up to 500 degrees

These Bruntmor pans are very affordable as compared to some other comparable brands. We found the quality and functionality impressive . For more information visit 

Click below to buy your choice of Bruntmor Skillets.
16" Cast iron Fry pan $49
12" Enameled saute pan with lid, 12" pan is available in multiple colors. $69.00

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