Caspari – Exquisite Paper Tableware

Elegantly Designed and Disposable  


For 60 years, Caspari has manufactured exquisitely designed and printed paper products, reproducing the works of prominent artists and museum collection motifs.

Since 1945, the company has worked with the same European printers and suppliers selected by its founder H. George Caspari.

Current owner, Douglas Stevens, and president, Lisa Milbank, “maintain Mr. Caspari's commitment to fine art and his philosophy of presenting a wide selection of designs…Caspari products are inspired by such museum collections as the Musée de l’Impression sur Étoffes, The National Gallery, and Williamsburg, as well as outstanding private collections and archives.“

grosgrainSince the company is a seller of disposable tableware and paper products, it is extremely sensitive to its impact on the environment:
“Caspari is committed to producing products with the use of environmentally responsible raw materials and processes. One of our key suppliers, Mohawk Paper, is a leader in the use of renewable resources, such as windpower; the fiber they use to make paper comes from managed forests. In addition, Caspari uses only water-based dyes for napkins and plates.”

A personal note from Roberta Scher, co-founder of KosherEye:

Prior to co-founding KosherEye, for almost 25 years, my retail store, Paper Parlour, was one of the leading party stores in the country, and along with many other paper goods lines, we were privileged to have been a retailer for Caspari. In my opinion the quality of the company, its products and its personnel are outstanding! The tableware designs are gorgeous, complementing any dining room setting.

We are all aware that most kosher consumers entertain more than others, due to the scarcity of restaurant choices. In addition, many Shabbos observant kosher consumers entertain weekly. For entertaining- particularly for special occasions and even at formal celebrations, I feel comfortable presenting a place setting of silver flatware, crystal goblets along with Caspari paperware. The sophisticated designs work well with most any theme. The plates are sturdy enough to carry away food from a buffet. The napkins are 3 ply, and do not shred or fade. And, one of my favorite products is the stunning placemats. These coordinating mats are useful, and decorative, and some reusable! If you are having a crowd, or just trying to save time, have no fear! Mix your Caspari dinner napkins and plates with Waterford crystal wine glasses, and your Gorham silver flatware. Don’t forget the added touch of matching paper placemats, and of course the Caspari guest towels in the powder room.

Caspari products can now be purchased worldwide in upscale department stores such as Bloomingdales to Harrods, and also since 2005 in Caspari boutiques – in Paris, France and Charlottesville, Virginia. To order online or to view the product line, please visit To give your napkins that "special" look, we suggest Decorative Napkin Folding for Beginners available on

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