The Amazing Keurig Coffee Brewer

Becoming A Classic

No, Keurig is not a magician nor an illusionist, but an easy to brew single portion coffee system. The amazing, sleek Keurig machine sits “hibernating” on a countertop and is ready to brew in 2 minutes or less. Simply insert a “K”–cup single serving portion pack, wait 30 seconds and enjoy an individual serving of brewed coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.  We haven’t tried the tea or hot chocolate yet, but have enjoyed the large selection of gourmet coffees.  Most of the coffees are kosher as are some of the other brews.

The Keurig we use is the Special Edition, Model B60. Although the cost per serving is slightly more than a traditional coffee maker, it is a fraction of the cost of purchasing a cup of gourmet coffee at a retail coffee shop – and there is certainly less waste.

The company offers an international selection of over 150 varieties of coffee from mild to extra bold (our favorite)! The K–cups are available at supermarkets, Macy’s and home stores such as Bed, Bath and Beyond.  We have compared prices and found that Bed Bath & Beyond offers the best price – currently $9.99 for 18 – less a 20% coupon.

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