A KosherEye Chat with Norene Gilletz


We are continuing our conversation with Norene Gilletz, author of The New Food Processor Bible: 30th Anniversary Edition.

How many cookbooks have you authored?
Nine cookbooks! It’s a wonder that I haven’t run out of ideas. However, each of my cookbooks has a different focus and includes different recipes. My recipes are quick, easy, mostly healthy…and they’re kosher. Norene’s Healthy Kitchen teaches readers how to “cook your way to good health” and is a heart-healthy resource for people with diabetes, or those on weight watchers. Healthy Helpings (formerly titled MealLeaniYumm!) contains “800 fast and fabulous recipes” and provides lighter versions of favourite dishes. The Low-Iodine Diet Cookbook is an excellent resource for people with thyroid cancer. I was the editor and a contributing author for Second Helpings Please, featuring traditional Jewish recipes and which is still in print over 43 years!

It is obvious you must love what you do – so what is your favorite part?
My favourite part is finishing the book so I can share my recipes and culinary knowledge with my readers. Recipe writing is such a long and complicated process. It’s fun to speak with different people and explore different ways of combining readily-available ingredients, creating new recipes. But writing a recipe down so that it is reproducible by my readers, without error or confusion, is a huge challenge for me. When I get fantastic feedback and rave reviews about a recipe, that’s the best part of all!

You have been teaching, lecturing and writing for a long time. With your website and your presence on Facebook, you have comfortably made the transition to the internet. How do you enjoy it?
I love being able to communicate with my readers and with so many of the people I’ve met over the years. I’ve probably taught thousands of people how to cook, sometimes at a cooking class of 10 or 12, perhaps a private class of just 1 or 2, or at a cooking demonstration for groups ranging in size from 100 to 350 people. I sometimes hear from people who took their first cooking class with me when they were young children, and now they have children of their own. It’s wonderful to know that people all over the world are cooking my recipes for their families and friends – and it’s really fun to find out someone in Toronto or Montreal is making the same recipe for Passover as someone in Israel or Hong Kong. My recipes have travelled to more places than I have!

Why did you decide to update your Food Bible cookbook?
I completely updated and revised THE NEW FOOD PROCESSOR BIBLE: 30TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION because there is a brand new generation of food processors available, as well as a new generation of cooks. Food processors have evolved tremendously since they were first introduced more than 30 years ago. They now come with nested bowls with pouring spouts, a slicing blade that offers six thickness options with the twist of a dial, a reversible shredding disc, a steel blade that locks into the work bowl instead of falling into the pan of cake batter…so many new options! However, my recipes will work with any model and size of food processor.

The newest edition contains 180 additional recipes compared to the first edition. I’ve also included ingredients that weren’t easily available when Pleasures of your Processor was published in 1980. It’s out of print and is actually considered a collectible edition, so if you own a copy, treasure it!

My readers are thrilled that I’ve added the nutrient analysis for each recipe, with many lower-calorie, lower-fat and lower-sodium options as these facts are appreciated by today’s consumers. I’ve also included the phosphorous content, which is extremely useful for anyone who has kidney concerns – there isn’t much available for people who need this information. Thankfully, most people don’t need it, but it’s essential for those who do. My recipes can be used by people with a wide range of requirements, from cooking for everyday health to cooking for pleasure!

May 11, 2011

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