Tina's Tidbits

Kitchen & Cooking Tips from Tina Wasserman


Have you ever read a cooking or kitchen tip and thought "wish I had know about that one" – it would have made preparation of the recipe so much easier.

We at KosherEye love cooking tips and hints and knew when we read Tina Wasserman's  cookbook, Entree to Judaism: A Culinary Exploration of the Jewish Diaspora, that we had hit the "mother lode"! The book is beautifully written and shares the histories and recipes of the great Jewish Diaspora communities around the world. There are 275 recipes and each one has several cooking and/or kitchen tips. We loved reading Tina's Tidbits so much that we decided to write a feature on them.

The Tidbits are presented with each recipe but are timeless and most can relate to any recipe. There were so many that we loved that it was difficult to just pick a few; below are several of our favorites:

Tina Wasserman is a renown cooking instructor and cookbook author. She lives in Dallas, Texas, teaches her popular cooking classes throughout the U.S., and has been the food columnist for Reform Judaism magazine since 2003. Please visit Tina's website, CookingandMore.com.

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October 17, 2011